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Make My Job Easy || 100% Recommended

I am Completely Satisfied with this product. I am a writer, and I was Working on site . This tool helps me a lot to manage the content. I highly recommend this platform to all my writer Community to Organize their material correctly.

by Olivia Grace|2020-03-08 12:32:47

A Good Software

I had been using Pdfelement as a trial user and the experience is beyond any doubt very useful to me as an independent online tutor of English language. It had given me absolute choices in terms of making my material and content available to my students in more than one way. I was able to mark up the assignment responses given by students with better feedback and at a greater speed. The flexibility it has provided was commendable. It had given me greater bandwidth in preparing content with many features it has to offer. It is not only robust in management of documents but also is very user-friendly. The design and colour schema is pleasant for eye for extended working. Tools for making comments, annotations, highlighting and bookmarking are highly useful.<br /> The most exciting feature I have noticed in the software was the ability to convert the PDFs into editable forms, which was a great aid for online tutors, where we can use this feature for preparing assignments and sharing with my students and collect hassle-free responses from my students. The conversion is pretty simple and does not require any greater knowledge or experience on doing so. I would like to place it on the record that this software will be one of the finest choices all educators like shall vouch for because the synergy it would provide to raise their productivity is beyond expectations.<br /> I has been also a great tool for making digital versions of my documents and maintain the records for daily usage while the original and physical documents are kept safe without the wear and tear. The digitalised documents are as good as the original counterparts and come handy for liaison functions of a small start-up like mine. am very sure that the bigger corporates and organisations would be finding the tools a lot more convenient, confidential and compact for making their day to day work more easy and inclusive of less physical paper.<br /> One of the pertinent concerns in this line of industry based on knowledge sharing and especially on a digital platform is to safeguard the intellectual rights of one's content. The software takes care of this requirement quite efficiently and setting up the access restrictions and permissions on the documents is a lot simpler when compared with my previous experiences. I also help many students in writing their research papers and thesis studies and the ease and efficiency of the tool can really build confidence in my students that their work is in safe hands and I will be very thankful the tool for this. <br /> Above all, I like the proactive support of the software, where they have provided a lot more material for beginners to acclimatise themselves in using the tool and various features it provides through a range of self learn tools like videos and write-ups. I must say I am not aware of the support services, primarily because I never had a chance to look for one. All in all, I must say pdfelement is one experience that has cherished me and recommend the tutors like me to use the tool.

by ACE English|2020-02-27 01:01:36

A good PDF application

The ability to be able to combine two or more pdfs into one. Usually I would have to spend an extra 30 minutes or more maneuvering between several documents copying and pasting for just one project. Time saving is definitely a major upside to this feature. All I have to do is drag different document files into this "MAGICAL BOX", then Wala! MAGIC!

by Marco|2019-12-10 07:04:51

Full of features and simple to use

The features are robust and very simple-to-use. I really appreciate that it gives efficient ways to deal with PDF documents. It really helps when I am doing some important projects.

by Daniel K.|2019-12-10 06:16:55

Wonderful way to edit and create PDFs easy too!!

This program is a great way to create and edit pdf files and even convert PDFs into word documents. I really like how easy it is to work with although some of the many tools are a little confusing as to what they do so it takes a little playing around to get used to all of them. Would be nice to have little tips while holding the cursor over the tools instead of trial and error. I’ve tried multiple programs to edit PDFs and this one is by far the best. The turtorial is well written out to help you with using its many features. I will never use any other program but PDFelement from now on to create my PDFs and edit previous ones. Highly highly recommend to at least try the trial version because you’ll want to keep it.

by Tim K|2017-12-30 08:15:14

Makes PDF's easy

I use PDF Elements to edit existing PDF's usually graphic in nature like floor plans and maps. PFD Elements makes it super simple to edit with every item in the PDF selectable and easy to move around or resize. Whatever you need to do! Also being able to create a form from a PDF is an added benefit and something I use way more then I would have thought. I cant tell you how many times I have been asked "How did you do that?" since I downloaded PDF Element!!!

by Kelly|2017-12-15 16:35:17

Fast and smooth editing

The editing feature is very poweful. It can recognize text smart as well as the stryle. Strongly recommend.

by shflsif|2017-11-06 01:18:59

Good replacement of Adobe Acrobat XI

There are very few features that this program doesn't have compared to Adobe. The only things I would still like to see are a) Rulers, grid etc. b) The ability to always have page navigation in view without having to click on the "Home" tab. c) A view of the size of your page when you hover your pointer over de down left corner of your page. A lot of features are nicer than the equivalent features in Adobe Acrobat. I expect this program to become better and better and wouldn't be surprised if they became better than Adobe.

by Ellen|2017-10-29 18:26:39

very very very and very nice

i am totally amazed with the pdf element6 . there is no software present in the world as best as this i love it.

by Aman singh|2017-10-23 11:54:05

Excelente Aplicativo

Es fácil de usar, intuitivo y con una interfaz fluida.

by Raúl Eduardo Quintero|2017-10-15 03:05:40

PDFelement 6 Professional for Windows

I like PDFelement 6 Professional for Windows because there are 2 reasons, at the first reason "Build forms from hundreds of ready-to-use templates from our built-in form library, so you don't have to start from scratch." and second reason "Capture and extract data from the hundreds or thousands of interactive forms filled by your clients into one Excel .CSV spreadsheet in seconds."

by Bhagwat Singh Ranawat|2017-10-13 08:10:38

Great User Interface

Menus & Controls quick and easy to access, Create or edit forms in no time, many extras to make any job smooth, fast and simple !

by George Tataryn|2017-09-21 23:35:00

Great and easy

This software works really great and easy. I hope they continue to update it as time goes by.

by Scott Duke|2017-09-12 04:02:53

Worth the cost

It's everything I expected it to be and works verywell with a minimum of effort and explanation.

by Phil Lynn|2017-09-12 03:59:10

Four Stars

Bought it two months ago, I use it almost every day in my business. Just serves my purpose fine and at a nice price.

by Nick David|2017-09-12 03:35:10

No monthly fee. Perfect for me.

Everything we needed and best price we could find. Purchased the license means no monthly or updating fees.Great service.

by Phil Anderson|2017-09-11 02:47:38

Four Stars

I had been used Foxit Reader for two years, but it can't meet my needs of converting PDF into Word. Then I found PDFelement. This one is one of the top.

by Albert Roy|2017-09-07 09:48:29

Definitely excellent

The design of the interface is very terse and user-friendly. I also like the easy operation, which makes my job convenient!

by Tyler Bond|2017-09-07 09:41:24


Easy and convenient to use on my iPhone! Help me highlight important ideas when I read files on my phone, and files even can be uploaded to the cloud!

by Mark Lee|2017-09-07 09:39:27

Good app

Great application for creating, editing and reading PDf documents. Well done.

by Connor Boone|2017-09-07 09:22:52

Love it!

Honestly speaking, I just downloaded yesterday. However, I just can't wait to give five stars. An awesome product that everyone should purchase.

by Brad Hodge|2017-09-07 09:07:49

Five Stars

I had been looking for a nice PDF editor. And this one stood out from others. Perfect!

by Jae Colon|2017-09-07 08:57:25


Serve the purpose I needed it for fetching the data from Excel, efficiently and accurately.

by Henry Jacobs|2017-09-07 08:37:38


Surprised at the privacy protection function! I have never set a password for my PDF files before. A very reliable application!

by Toby Carr|2017-09-07 08:28:42

Great office productivity tool

Works great. Availabled both on Windows and Mac. Just meets my need of using Windows home and Macbook at office. I highly recommend it to everyone.

by Will Lawrence|2017-09-07 08:11:24

Like It

Great and useful products that you don't have to pay for on a monthly basis.Like it.

by Matt Gould|2017-08-18 01:37:14

Five Stars

Love this program...easy to use and so many ways to do everything.

by Leo Boyle|2017-08-17 01:28:32

Four Stars

All the most-needed functionality at a good price.

by Ken Walls|2017-08-16 01:24:16


The product is just excellent. And the support team is amazing. I emailed them and got a response on the same day. I solved my problem. The program developer and the support team deserves one extra star. I am extremely satisfied.

by Rox Wall|2017-08-14 01:26:59

No Need Adobe

Adobe becomes so complicated and also becomes so greedy. PDF element is a solution. Thanks.

by Seng|2017-08-12 13:35:35


It’s user friendly.

by Rich Colon|2017-08-11 01:27:33


It should just be, open the pdf file in the program, select edit and then pic the tool you want to edit it with. Simple, easy done!

by Zane Bird|2017-08-10 01:12:33

Works For Me

Good Product,gets the job done.

by Otis Floyd|2017-08-08 09:50:44

Very Good Product

I bought 2 of this software because both my laptop and my office computer work well. I like it a lot, it has many need features like adobe does for a quarter of the cost. You can edit, erase words, combined documents signed it digitally; which is super easy. I did notice that if you scan it using another pdf software, then you will not be able to edit the words, but you can use the eraser feature and add a box where you can type the words you want. It is easy to use. I would definitely recommend this product.

by Noel Cobb|2017-08-07 02:33:42

Easy to use

Adobe Acrobat has become so complex that I spend HOURS just to change the FONT color. This program is a BLESSING - Thank you for developing a program that an end user can use and not spend 10 years of reading to do a simple color change. I am going to buy this ASAP !!!

by Claire M. Schapiro|2017-08-03 23:51:21

Easy to Learn

I have been using PDFelement.However, even though I didn’t touch it for long,I have already performed some amazing edits that lead to my 5 star review.

by Alva Black|2017-08-03 01:16:02


So far so good,it help me be able to edit pdf file easily,really no issues to report.

by Brady Shaw|2017-08-01 01:24:38

Outstanding Program

outstanding program.Does what I needed it to do.Easy to use at a good price. Good editer.

by Chuck Boyd|2017-07-31 02:17:02


Just started using it,I have two other programs like this one but PDFelement is by far the best ,it isn’t difficult for beginner,so I gave this as a present to my friend and she really enjoys its many features.

by Emile Oliver|2017-07-28 05:43:34


So far so good,it help me be able to edit pdf file easily,really no issues to report.

by Kris|2017-07-26 07:50:44

An Excellent Office Software

After the trial, I decided to purchase 5 licnese for our studio. As a small team, I think PDFelement is more cost effective than expensive Foxit or Adobe. It can already satisfy our daily requirements.

by Bryan Hayes|2017-07-17 06:07:52

polish letters

Haw I can use polish letters like ąść żęł etc

by Marek Konka|2017-07-06 14:25:45

Worth the price

installed in a minute and it works vert well, The program is good.

by Zane Hill|2017-07-05 01:43:34

Great Software

My friend recommmeded it to me. simple and professional

by Carl Jones|2017-06-30 01:33:12

Very Helpful and Useful

Pratical function like data extraction helps me a a lot deal with oceans of data. I'll recommend it to my friends

by Jason Brown|2017-06-29 02:28:04

This program has matured to a great product

I have been using PDFelement for some time now. At first it was clunky however has improved to the point now that it is my preferred option over Adobe Acrobat. When the app had issues, I contacted support and all the issues have been resolved. It's refreshing to know if there is a problem that one can contact support and see improvements. To Daphne and the support team, congratulations on a job well done.

by Bill Campbell|2017-06-25 01:50:55

A whole lot of AWESOME!

Honestly ,I was struggling with Adobe and needed to find an alternative. I have the Wondershare Filmora video editor ( which is fabulous), so I knew that Wondershare would not disappoint. My needs are pretty simple, I need to merge pdf's and I need to compress them. I downloaded the trial version and within 5 minutes went and bought the software! No monthly fees ( which I would have had to pay to update Adobe), great customer service, awesome help articles! In the next 5 minutes I bought the MAC version for our "traveling" laptop. It's easy to use, simple to understand. How can I ever thank you Wondershare? You've done it again.

by Lynn|2017-06-21 16:33:31

create pdf from different file types

I combined a few jpeg images, and a word document into a single file and saved it as a pdf with this program. When I opened the new file up it looked great.

by Lyle Castillo|2017-06-12 02:00:13

spectacular program

PDFelement is a spectacular program. It works just as well as Adobe's PDF Acrobat and accomplishes all the same things that a user would normally need.

by Rodney Alvarez|2017-06-12 01:56:16

easy to use

I found this product easy to use. I was able to edit my pdf files which is what I bought this product for.

by Pat Stone|2017-06-12 01:54:57

great combination of features

The ability to create and edit PDFs along with the conversion and OCR capabilities make for a great combination of features.

by Ray Carr|2017-06-12 01:54:01

pecfect conversion

I would recommend this program to everyone - its the best! It's simple to use and does a great job converting PDF files into Word and Word perfect.

by Cecil Lewis|2017-06-12 01:50:45

Great PDFprogram

I used to use Adobe PDF program at work. I did not want to pay the expensive price for home use. Therefore, I purchased Wondershare pdfelement for my home use. I am more than pleased with how comparable this product is to Adobe and how seamlessly they work together. I highly recommend Wondershare.

by LTR|2017-06-09 03:38:29

Excellent tool

I have been using PDFelemnt for a number of years. The latest version (6) offers some of the enhancements I have hoped to see. Excellent product when you have to deal with a lot of pdf documentation.

by Andy Johnson|2017-06-08 17:01:00

Still it can be improved.

Very good tool. But you can do better. Please add RTL support. We need it!

by Alex Weiss|2017-04-24 11:26:26

Love this program

Love this program, with which I really can handle my work easily on my windows 10. Definitely fulfills what it was purchased for.

by Olive Straight|2017-04-10 09:06:17

Good value for me.

Makes wonderful PDFs. I use it almost all the time except when I don't need it. Good value for me.

by Dino Morphis|2017-04-10 09:04:42


Provides all the features we needed to work with pdf. files - would recommend to anyone looking for PDF software.

by Cole Immel|2017-04-10 09:02:03

Does what I need it to do

Does what I need it to do. Easy to work with. Makes converting files quick and easy into one PDF document or just one single file.

by Milissa Becraft|2017-04-10 08:59:17

great choice

I'd like to say, for 99% of what the average users work, this is the product. It is powerful, easy and affordable compared with Adobe.

by Zack Foard|2017-04-10 08:57:38

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