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How to Make a Software Demo Successfully

Do you want to make an outstanding software demo? This article offers the best solution to create a software demo video for you.

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2022-09-14 11:09:04 • Filed to: Reseller • Proven solutions

When it comes to making sure you've created the most outstanding software demo to potential clients and customers you need to make sure it stands out. With your software demo video your intention is to create the most memorable and unforgettable experience of its own kind. ClickMeeting allows you to do this and accomplish the demo every client you've deserves to see and love your software. Here we look at how to make a software demo that really stands out and how ClickMeeting makes you accomplish this easily with the best features and capabilities you might not even know exist.

How to Make a Software Demo

When it comes to creating online video and audio meetings, come up with software product demo set ups, sell, teach, train and inspire online with courses using webinars and video conferencing you need to put your best leg forward. ClickMeeting allows you to do all this and make the most out of web streaming videos, video conferencing and webinars of all kinds.

To produce software demo presentation that will persuade anyone watching about the effectiveness of your software product ClickMeeting has all the different features you need to help you accomplish this.

software demo


  • ClickMeeting mobile app
  • Paid and automated webinars
  • Add-ons and webinar/attendee stats
  • Webinar recording and storage
  • Social media sharing and performance rating
  • On-demand webinars, webinar room and subaccounts
  • New room, streams on YouTube and Facebook
  • Webinar timeline and waiting rooms (with agenda)
  • Audio and video, presentation and whiteboard tools
  • Custom branding, audio modes and screen sharing
  • Address book, customized invitations, polls and surveys
  • Chat translation simultaneously
  • Private and moderated chats
  • Call to action and online meetings

Step 1: Come up with the best possible topic/title

Come up with a topic for your software demo. You could base it on the product and exactly what you intend to demonstrate. Alternatively, in your webinar you can include a segment for your software demo.

Step 2: Come up with a corresponding agenda to your demo

This is where all the main topics and subtopics have to be considered, including whether new or extra materials will be brought in to help the attendees comprehend better. For instance, you can make your software demo webinar or video conferencing more engaging and dynamic by using presentation mode, screen sharing or whiteboard tools in ClickMeeting.

Step 3: Begin to Schedule the event

In this step, ensure that you've set up all the basic and critical things you need such as the date and time, giving your webinar room a title, ascertaining how the video conferencing or webinar will be accessed by participants or even whether a toll free number could be used to join in the software demo via phone.

software demo video

Step 4: Enhance demo with customizations

Customize more to ensure your demo event is more engaging, impactful, visually striking and effective. You could for instance come up with a registration page, do custom branding to add a brand name, color or logo and add appealing call to action add-ons and buttons to inspire participants towards a certain action.

software product demo

Step 5: Create a waiting room for software demo participants

Once your video conferencing or webinar pages are designed the waiting room is the next step. Essentially, the waiting room refers to the place for attendees and where they will hit first prior to the webinar or conference going live. Here, you'll be able to add what you want participants to anticipate from the software demo, including adding the agenda of the event.

If there's anything you want them to view or hear the waiting room allows you to review it accordingly before the event has started. Will there be a presenter? Do add the presenter's bio, image and other info relevant to the event. Do you want participants to download any file? This is where you add them to help attendees get materials they need to have before the event.

software demo presentation

Step 6: Create "Thank You" page

Don't forget to create a thank you page using ClickMeeting's bonus feature webinar settings or just use it to reiterate and emphasize the call to action.

best software demos

Step 7: Activate auto recording

One way of maximizing on your software demo video conferencing or webinar is ensuring the event is accessible after it's over. At times you might want to offer your webinar or video recording for sale. Simply enable the recording feature in ClickMeeting and you won't need any manual updating of the event.

software demo

Tips to Make a Successful Software Demo

  • Creating the best software demos requires that you do so with the clients in mind. Ask yourself about that one thing you want your participants to understand, do or get.
  • Use attention grabbers immediately. Whether it's a personal story, simile or metaphor, video or image make sure the participants are hooked and engaged within the first 30 seconds.
  • Are you using any software such as ClickMeeting for your webinar or video conference? Using any hardware, camera or PC? Ensure they're running perfectly well. Set up early all the systems and tools you'll be using during the software demo.
  • Avoid personal messaging apps such as Tinder, WhatsApp or Facebook that might bring notifications and distract attendees in a professional, serious software demo. ClickMeeting is pretty professional, efficient and feature-rich software with a dedicated mobile app that will do the job perfectly well.
  • Prop up the software demo to make it engaging, fun, interesting and unforgettable. If your demo isn't fun to you and absorbing it probably isn't for your attendees. Make the most of whiteboards, presentation tools in ClickMeeting as well as actors and props to capture attention throughout. You could actually have more than one presenter for a better and engrossing event.

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